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Do you know that Chess is one of the most ancient games which had been invented in India about 1500 years ago?

Since then, the game has come out with a lot of its variants, and we have witnessed quite a few changes in the rules. For instance, the Queen, just like the leading ladies across the globe, has been acquiring more and more freedom.

Earlier, the Queen was allowed to move only one square diagonally.

Look at her now! It’s as if she owns the board moving as far as she wants in any direction, diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.

The Mughal Emperors at that time named this timeless sport as “Shatranj.”

They used to play it on a wooden 8×8 board featuring 16 pieces on each side. These pieces were again made of wood. The wooden board and pieces gave a classic refined and rustic look to the game.

Today plastic chess games are most popular. But luxurious chess board games are also available in which the pieces are carved out of marble or any other heavy material.

The Game Plot

The game is between two armies controlled by two players. Both the armies have their King and Queen. The player aims to keep their King safe and capture the opposing King.

The game ends when all the counters of one army (except the king) are captured, or a checkmate happens (king has been captured).

The Initial Game Setup

There are 16 counters on each side.

Each comprises of 8 Soldiers (pawn) standing together in the front row, 2 chariots (rook), 2 horses (knight), 2 elephants (a weaker bishop), Rani (queen), and the Shah (king).

Chess begins with the board setup.

You may refer to these steps before starting your game.

  1. The light-colored square must be laid in the bottom-right corner
  2. Lay all the eight pawns in the second row.
  3. The rooks go in the corners.
  4. The knights stand next to the rooks.
  5. Bishops go next to knights.
  6. Queen is placed on her color.
  7. Place the king in the last square available.
  8. Remember, white moves first! 
Chess moves
  1. King is allowed to move exactly one square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Each king is allowed to make an unusual move, known as castling, once in a game.
  2. Queen is allowed to move any number of unoccupied squares in any direction.
  3. The rook is allowed to move any number of vacant squares vertically or horizontally.
  4. Bishop is allowed to move any number of vacant squares diagonally.
  5. Knight is allowed to move one square along any column and then at an angle. 
  6. Pawns are allowed to move only in the forward direction. If the pawn is making its first move, then it is allowed two squares forward, provided both squares in front of the pawn are unoccupied. 
  • Chess used to be an elite hobby during the Mughal era. Now, chess is one of the most respected indoor sports that are played with discipline. 
  • In 1886, the first official World Chess Championship was held in the United States. The William Steinitz, Austrian-American chess player became the first official world chess champion. Since then, Chess is considered as the most prestigious game.
Benefits of learning Chess
  1. The game requires concentration and has proved to be beneficial for the brain in many ways, especially for young kids.
  2. Playing Chess helps to pump up the brainpower, improves social skills, develops strategical thinking, and strengthens concentration power.

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