About Us

Welcome to My Eko Hub!

My Eko Hub is an online platform for education for kids and activity-based learning. We train the little ones in their formative years when they are young and have a huge spectrum to learn from. The age where they like to explore and try new things.
At My Eko Hub, we teach kids to enjoy the process of learning. It is not academics but anything they want to learn; they should be able to enjoy. They should rejuvenate confidence and should be able to express themselves freely.
Our team of teachers comprises of a group of talented and creative professionals, who are motivated and passionate about their work. They mentor each kid to help them explore their full potential.
We welcome you to the world of learning.
Start the discovery of your kid’s talent our tailored made programme.

Language Class
Master your communication skills with our customized designed language class
Learn Chess
Master the tactics and strategies of chess through our chess class
Craft Making Class
Learn the art of creating wonders from waste by enrolling in craft making classes.
Tuition Class
Individual and Group classes for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Classes
Zentangle Art Class
Art classes for kids to enhance focus and relaxation of mind
Drawing and Painting
Learn the art to express yourself with our drawing and painting classes

Why you should join?

Joining an online class is a great way to stay motivated and explore yourself. Learning in small groups can be both fun and rewarding.

Motivation and Routine

Joining a class will keep you motivated, and there will be a routine in your everyday life.

Social benefits

We prefer to teach in small groups, which helps your child to learn a wide range of people.  It also gives your child a supportive and progressive environment to grow

Suitable Environment

An environment plays an important role in any learning and growth


There is a huge range of classes available to choose from as per the liking and interest

At My Eko Hub

Our classes are efficient, motivational, and most importantly enjoyable.
Each class is different and designed keeping in view to provide only learning opportunities and possibilities with zero stress.
Choose the right class for your child and he/she will have at least one favorite place to look forward.
Let the journey begin!