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“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. – JFK

Childhood is a very important period of life. This is the time when children learn about the everyday world around them through play. They explore, discover and try things to suit their needs. Things children do with their hands, read and speak their thought and learn things through experience is the only way to preserve a child’s memory as childhood. Play helps in developing a wide range of children’s abilities in them. Play provides an outlet for curiosity, information about the physical world. Play is the highest form of research. But in today’s world, the word PLAY is only used with technology which is limited to the child’s hands.

Is this the best we can give our kids, a walking nanny in their hand, controlling their minds and hands. Have we bonded them with these gadgets? Can we ever break this bond, or is this unbreakable?

Technology and children “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interactions. The world will have a generation of idiots” – Albert Einstein

His words speak of the present generation.

Now there are many ways to engage our children with some activities in the evenings and weekends. Ways and methods which involve play in them. These methods allure the child to involve in physical activities which helps in the enrichment of their minds. Play and learn with peers of his/her age group, which helps in developing communication skills, building friendships, interaction and making decisions. Always remember, Technology is a good servant but a dangerous master. Give your child the childhood he deserves.

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