Creative Cubs

Art and Craft Classes

Everyone be it adult or kids have a creative side.  And we at creative cubs ignite the creative side through our simple and easy to make art and craft classes.

It is possible to create something from anything even what you call as a waste. Learn to create wonder from waste through our art and craft classes.

To learn any art, you do not need any skill level. All you need to do is explore your imagination, enjoy the process and celebrate the art of making.

Art also helps to relax and reduces stress.

Our art and craft classes not only enhance your skills but also enables your thought process and creativity to better use. The creativity you learned in the class as a hobby can one day become your alternate source of income.

Current Batch Details


Art and Craft Classes for kids

Age group

up to 14 years


2 days a week
(weekday and weekend batch)

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Adult batch for art and craft classes coming soon!