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In today’s time, learning English is quite obligatory. Since the language is not our mother tongue, it becomes mandatory to introduce the language from an early age to get the fluency while speaking. The Indian education system includes English in preschool courses. But the current pandemic situation is giving a tough time to little kids.
The middle school students are still able to manage their studies through online classes which are being conducted by schools. However, the kindergarteners seem to be suffering. The age group of 2-5 years requires a maximum interactive environment, which is not possible through online schooling. They need an active exposure to English language to be able to grasp it efficiently.

So, the solution here is that you as parents can become an English academic guide for your kids for the time being. You can indulge in fun games and activities online along with your kid.
Where the games and activities played on your PC will introduce your kids to the world of English, you can play a buddy who will keep interacting and expressing.

Internet is filled with a plethora of options in the form off free applications and websites that offer free English games for kids. Following are some of the best options to give a try:



1. Learn English Vocabulary

This is an interesting website that offers free English Games for kids. They use effective methods of pictorial representations with audio and video making it joyful for the kids.
They have categorised the words into three levels i.e. easy, medium and hard. Further options available for kids to choose from: Find Image, Choose Word, Listen & Choose, Match Words, Listen & Write
This app particularly focuses on developing the vocabulary of your kid through various games. They nurture the curiosity in the young minds to learn new English words.

2. English kids app

With a rating of 4.1 on play store, this app is an ultimate destination for your toddler. It is one of the best websites that offer free English games for kids.
This app provides a lot of fun games to teach English Alphabets, Numbers, months, Weekdays in English, Fruits & Vegetables, Food, Clothes, Flowers, Vehicle, Birds, Animals, Colors, Shapes, Jobs, Computer, Season, and Directions for kids.

It will be an extraordinary experience for your child and you would definitely enjoy the process.

3.kindergartener kids learning

This application available on play store provides entertaining as well as educative free English games for kids.
Keeping in mind the short concentration span of children, they have designed innovative and interactive puzzles and games, which will help keep your child engrossed in learning without losing focus.

  1. British CouncilThis is a British organisation known to provide educational opportunities in over 100 countries is also available online. They provide engaging games and videos for kindergarteners.
    Having plenty of interactive games, this website will soon become the favourite for your kid.
    Their games are curated in such an intelligent manner to train your kid’s mind and make things look easier and fun for them. It is indeed one of the best websites that offer free English games for kids.5. CambridgeBased in the UK, Cambridge University needs no introduction. This huge university aims to contribute to society in terms of quality education.
    Leaving no stone unturned, they provide world-class lessons online as well. Your kid can use these video games available for free online, made by experts in the field to help grow the young and curious minds.Now, since you know about a few amazing free English games for kids, available online, engage your toddlers in fun kid’s games and keep them from doing mischiefs.
    Become a part of their schooling journey and enjoy along with them. Who knows you might also get to learn something on the web!

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