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Amidst COVID when all the schools are shut, they are still managing to profess their students through the medium of online classes.
Then why not your lovely toddler?
It is a known fact that a child’s brain develops rapidly at the age of 2-5 years.
So, let’s not waste time and work on these young and naughty minds.

There are various e-learning websites which provide free videos in a gaming format for pre-schoolers . Your kid will definitely enjoy the creative and playful videos with the benefit of easy visual learning. The best part here is you can start building up your junior’s mind at the comfort of home.

To make your work easier, putting together a list of free learning websites for pre-schoolers:

1. PBS kids


This is the tagline used by the website, and they definitely work towards it.
The makers of this website are committed to making a constructive impact on the lives of children through their curriculum-based games and videos.
Interestingly, this website is not just about teaching alphabets and numbers to the kids but also deliver ‘Do with us’ videos.
These are simple craft making videos such as making a rocket ship or a guitar out of household waste. Such crafts help develop motor skills of young minds.
Don’t you think the young scientist will look cute?

2. Starfall

This is one of the best free learning websites for preschoolers. It majorly focuses on teaching English reading and writing.
It is absolutely free to use and also do not use advertisements to generate revenue. This could be a definite advantage in keeping a check on what your kid watches on the internet, even by mistake. The well placed and clear presentation effectively introduces letter recognition.The game graphics provides exceptionally gripping and interactive. Interestingly, this website also provides lots of free printouts to support offline indulgence.
You will notice your kid engrossed in learning when they are on Starfall.

3. Make Me Genius
This amazing website has put in all the possible efforts to provide concept-based education to kindergarteners. They have converted all the school topics in a short cartoon movie format which the kids love to watch.
The most promising thing about this website is that they use day-to-day examples to sound logical to young minds.
This is one of the leading free learning websites for pre-schoolers and is jam-packed with educational aspects which are not just logical but also historical. They provide animated videos revolving around Indian history, which will make your kid a patriot and you proud.

4. TurtleDiary
TurtleDiary is an amazingly curated website which is furthermore available on play store for better access.
This website offers tons of fun and interactive educational activities that will teach: reading, Math, Science, Art and Music. Their learning games help in learning different topics and instils the love of learning in children.
They use assessment tools which helps you pull out a detailed report about success and areas of improvement for your little one.

5. CoolMath
CoolMath is an offbeat online website which will brain-train your younger one. What could be better than studying math in the form of fun games?

Your toddler will be fed with logics and easy learning tips at an early age.

All in all, it will be a great experience for your kid as well as you.

These are a few free learning websites for preschoolers. Now that you have a list available, why not start right away? Use this time as productively as possible with your toddler because the pandemic will get over soon, and so will the learning age of your child. During this time of COVID, Parents have the advantage of enjoying this learning phase along with your little one.
So, charge your mobile phones or laptops to full and take a dive into the pool of amazing content available online for your kid.

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