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Formative years of the child are the most important years of his life. These are the foundation years, learning years. Whatever the child learns and sees during these years becomes his/her base.

Every child is different and has unique qualities. A teacher in the school has limited time to review the child’s work and understand his/her strengths. Joining a tuition class gives that extra chance to the child to learn things where they are struggling. To identify their strengths and weak areas.

At Keystone, we don’t teach kids. We prepare them, we encourage them to enjoy the learning process. We help them self-discover. We make them future-ready.

Our focus area is long term learning. We facilitate them to explore and learn and not just spoon feed them for short term knowledge and grades.

Enrol your child to tuition classes and after school curricular activities at keystone foundation for experiential and blended learning.

How will the tuition classes at MyEkohub benefit/help your child?

  1.  We provide individual attention to your child as per his/her requirement.
  2.  Extra review/attention is provided to the child especially in the areas where he/she is struggling.
  3.  Our mentor/teachers adapt the learning style of the child and communicate in the language in which the child is comfortable.
  4.  Your child gets guidance with school homework, which many children see as a burden
  5.  Our teachers develop bonding with your child which allows are teachers to identify and cultivate the true potential of your child.
  6. We provide a safe environment for open discussion.
  7. We teach our students with innovative techniques and methods.
  8. You can spend more quality time with your kids, as homework and other school-related things are taken care of by us.

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5-6 students

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