Language Class Hindi and Kannda

Language Class

“A different language is a different vision of life” – Federico Fellini

Learn the language not only by words but learn the culture, the tradition, the whole history that creates the whole community. Because language is not words, it’s the perspective, a different thought process.

Benefits of learning a new language.

  Connect – It helps you to connect with others. It works as a gift to communicate with people in the language they know
  Higher cognitive skills – Knowing multiple languages improves memory, enhances concentration level, multi-tasking skills and increases critical thinking and problem-solving ability.
  Open door to opportunity – Knowing additional language opens doors for new opportunities.
  Confidence building – knowing multiple languages helps in gaining confidence
  Decision-making ability – It strengthens decision-making ability.
  Perspective – It gives a new perspective of culture and tradition
  Competitive advantage – Knowing multiple languages, helps in advancement in career. And the demand for bilingual professionals is rising all over the world.

Other Details


Kannada, Hindi


5+ years


weekday and weekend batches

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