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Learning is a built in tool which does not expire. A child starts to learn when its still in its mothers womb. It’s a life long process. All we can do is try to make it fun for our young ones.


Instead of starting a class or a topic just by reading out lines from text books and explaining, try starting with a quiz, a guessing game , a riddle etc

This attracts the students, keep them alert in the class and brings voluntary participation in the class.

Gift you class the knowledge by your presentation.

Active with Activity

Activity is one of the best way to keep a child involved in class. When hands, eyes and brain work together it makes learning complete. This can be achieved with an activity involved in learning.


Interactive has active in it

Teaching should be a session where there is talking from both the parties. Interactive sessions brings out the fear in the child , he will learn how to question, think and reason.

Teachers should always let the children speak, question and clarify their doubts.

United we stand

Yes, you got it right, Group Activities.

Conduct group sessions once a week at least. This makes them bond with all their classmates, brings out their leadership skills and creativity in them.


When conducting group activities, let the children make choice on what they want to do. Choice helps in motivating children. It fosters their interests and independence.

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