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Significance of Art and Craft for a Child

Have you ever looked at a child’s face when he or she is busy creating a masterpiece? The kid looks engrossed, oblivious to the world around. He tries his best to come up with brilliant artwork, and when he has accomplished the task, he rushes to the teacher or parents to get a few compliments. These words of praise work wonder for your child.

Art and craft have been an integral part of our education system. We cannot imagine a playschool where little munchkins are not drawing, painting, and creating a piece of craft. Do you know why art and craft is so necessary for your child? Let us help!

As your bundle of joy is growing up gradually, you must have noticed how he/she grasps things so fast. At this time, you can mould their mind and help in 90% development of their brain. The more you keep them engaged in productive activities, the better and smarter your kids will be in the future.

Art and craft are immensely significant for your child’s cognitive development. When your child practices art and craft, he develops his ability to think, understand, learn, reason, and remember. His

concentration power grows manifolds. The end result helps. Hence, it is necessary to imbibe in your child a healthy interest in art and craft.

Benefits of art and craft for your children:

Enhanced creative skills: Art and craft online classes let your child create whatever they want to. They can give shape to their dreams and ideas. This makes his mind innovative as well and creative.

Improvement in memory and visual learning ability: When a child learns about jewellery making or sculpting in online classes, he gets accustomed to new colours, shapes, figures, and patterns. Thus, his memorizing and visualizing power enhances.

Enhanced decision-making skills: When your little bundle of joy faces and solves artistic challenges, he/she learns to make apt decisions. With time, they develop a problem-solving attitude.

Improved concentration power: When you enroll your child for online drawing classes, he participates in multiple activities like painting, sketching, drawing, and so on. Regular practice of these activities makes your kids learn to focus and concentrate on better.

Enhanced bilateral coordination: When your child is capable of using both sides of his brain simultaneously, it is a good sign of his cognitive development. When your child practices art and craft activities from online classes regularly, he does not face difficulty in the completion of daily tasks like stringing beads, tying shoes, writing, etc. He can follow instructions without any difficulty or confusion. While practising art and craft, he learns to use his mind, brain, and hands in coordination. There remains no clumsiness or mismatch.

Myekohub is an online portal that offers virtual education facilities to the students. COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to the trend of online classes to prevent further contamination. You can enroll your child at Myekohub for online drawing classes. They have flexible timing, and you can choose weekdays or weekends classes as per your child’s schedule and comfort. At Myekohub, the experienced faculty believes in teaching your child in a fun-filled manner that shoves away boredom. Your kids can learn the intricacies of art and craft, improve their cognitive abilities, and sharpen their talent at Myekohub.

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