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If you are the lucky parents to adorable children, then you need to understand that your children must try out as many activities as possible. These could be physical activities wherein your child can practice something as simple as Yoga or as strenuous as swimming. The other type of hobbies or activities can include learning to play a musical instrument, singing or playing indoor games like chess etc.

Learning Chess can be fun and equally beneficial for your child’s brain.  Kids get fascinated when they watch adults playing the game of king and queen. They get curious and want to learn about the game.

5 facts why your child should learn chess.

1.      Pumps up Brain Power

A Weight-Lifter has to train his arms and shoulder muscle to make them powerful enough to lift heavyweights. Similarly, if you are a Chess player, you will have to train your brain. Training the brain can achieve great results.

Therefore, playing chess will power-up your child’s brain and enhance his/her classroom performances. Your munchkins will get used to thinking harder about how to solve a certain problem. This will improve critical thinking capability and sharpen their memory.

2.      Improves Social Skills

Chess is a game of discipline where the guiding rules are respected and followed without any fail. As per the rules, Chess players must shake hands before the game begins, treat the opponent with respect, and must not distract them in any possible way. The losing player must never tip the board upside down and storm off in disgust. This explains that the game has many cultural and ethical qualities too. Children will learn to respect others and obey the rules and be disciplined with a code of conduct.

3.      Improves Strategical Thinking

To successfully achieve life goals, it is important to have a long-term plan outlining how to get closer to the goal step by step. Sometimes, it becomes important to take a break, breathe, and think sensibly. Chess works best in this view.

While playing chess, you plan different strategies, some of them fail, and you move ahead trying another. This will teach your child to stay flexible.

At times, you have to think offbeat and come up with creative ideas to surprise your opponent. This will teach your child the significance of the change.

4.      Improves Concentration

It is always difficult to keep your child attentive for a long time. This is a general problem, as young children are very curious and notorious. They have a shorter attention span and get bored easily and switches to other activity. For example, youtube videos, if the video does not gain their attention in the first 5 seconds, they simply switch to other options.

So, if your kid manages to develop an interest in Chess, both their concentration and attention span will improve.

5.      Chess as a Sport

Chess is an indoor sport. The chess players keep sitting calmly on their chairs and use their brains for long hours during the game.

It is always a good idea to indulge your child in this indoor game for alternate days of the week. This will maintain the balance of mind and body exertion

There are many reasons as to why chess has a positive impact on children. And it is necessary to find the right place where your children can learn chess.

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